The JVS Women’s Leadership Network Presents:

8th Annual Woman to Woman Conference


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8th Annual woman to woman conference

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About the Woman to Woman Conference:

Join the Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) as we celebrate inspirational women leaders in our community. Be inspired by their stories of challenges, triumphs, personal insights and more. Learn more about the WLN and the work we do to support women through career crisis and transition. Find out how you can help make a difference in women’s lives.


Our Voices

Julia Stewart

Julia is no stranger when it comes to building successful businesses. She started her career as a food server at her local IHOP restaurant and through hard work climbed through the executive ranks to eventually become CEO of Dine Brands, the largest sit-down restaurant company in the world. She has taken her years of leadership expertise and innovation into the wellness space, and founded her new technology-enabled wellness company, Alurx Inc. in January 2020. 

Yola Reitman

Yola’s career path spans an impressive range of roles in the airline industry, international espionage and social justice. While working as a flight manager with EL AL Airlines, she was recruited by the Mossad to participate in a covert operation to smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Today, she helps victims of domestic violence through access to psychological and legal aid and also assists police with rescue operations for dogs raised for dog fights.   

What Drives Us

Our Impact

While unemployment rates have risen to unprecedented levels due to the current crisis, studies have shown that women have been hit the hardest. The Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) was founded on the belief that helping women through career crisis and transition has a significant impact on our community. Through the programs we support, we are uniquely positioned to help women through this time and get them on the road to recovery.

Since its founding in 2008, the WLN has raised over $2.5 million dollars to provide free mentoring, career training and job placement support to over 2,200 women participating in JVS SoCal programs across Los Angeles and Southern California. We are able to do this with the support of our members and sponsors of our annual Woman to Woman Conference and through the WLN Empowerment Fund.



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