About JVS SoCal

In these challenging times, JVS SoCal is dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to employment in order to find stable jobs and support their families. A job is more than a paycheck—it is the key to dignity, self-sufficiency, and independence. It is the chance to get back on your feet or start anew and become, once again or for the first time, a contributing member of the community.

Agency Overview

The organization was founded in January of 1931 in response to the Great Depression and the urgent needs of refugees fleeing economic and political turmoil in Europe. The clients coming through the agency’s doors today are facing similar problems: an overcrowded job market, limited resources, and the urgent need to provide for their families. As you can see, JVS SoCal has been down this road before and we bring decades of experience, extensive community partnerships and a wealth of resources to those in need of a helping hand; everyone from professionals to refugees.

With numerous training and counseling centers across Southern California, JVS SoCal is able to help nearly 30,000 people from all faiths and circumstances. We also work with city, state and government agencies, as well as other non-profits, to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need.

At the core of JVS SoCal’s programs is a comprehensive range of Career Services, which help people assess their skills and interests, refine their job search skills, match them with the right career options or assist them to transition to a new career. These tools can be used for long term planning or short term solutions, and apply to everyone, from at-risk youth to people with disabilities to downsized professionals and seasoned executives. We also offer specialized training for entry level positions in a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare and green technology, as well as innovative mentoring programs. In addition, JVS SoCal assists refugee and immigrants with specialized services, including acculturation, placement and training.