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Celebrating One-Year Anniversaries
Deborah Doss and Laura Resendez - Wells Fargo
Jan. 6, 2015
Jesus Herrera - Bank of America
Jan. 7, 2015
Jerry Proano - Bank of America
Jan. 12, 2015
Elizabeth Cunag and Orlando Aniceto - Wells Fargo
Jan. 20, 2015
Alek Ulmer - Bank of America
Feb. 9 2015
Victoria Smith - Banc of California
Feb. 9 2015

Norman Everline graduated from BankWork$ in March 2015 and was hired at Bank of America, Marina Del Rey, in April. His supervisors and managers soon noticed his ability and determination and, within less than a year, he was promoted to personal banker. Norman is now a PB at the Marina Del Rey branch. Congratulations!

BankWork$ alumnae Janiel Douglas told graduates at a recent BankWork$ graduation how the program had helped her push the “reset button” on her career. Douglas had previously trained as a pharmaceutical technician but when she could not find a job in that field she simultaneously worked at a Dollar Tree store and managed a bridal shop. While those jobs provided her with valuable customer service and sales skills, she was unable to make ends meet. At the suggestion of her sister, Jhomania Hayes, herself a BankWork$ alum, Janiel signed up for the training. Upon graduation, she was hired by OneWest Bank as a teller and was soon promoted to personal banker. “Now, I now have a car, my own apartment and a job I love,” Janiel said. “In three years my life took a 180 turn.”  

OneWest Bank Gives $25,000 to BankWork$
As guest speaker at the February 4th BankWork$ graduation ceremony Terri Decker, a senior vice-president at OneWest Bank, welcomed the 21 graduating trainees to join her in a fulfilling banking career. Decker then underscored OneWest Bank’s commitment to supporting BankWork$ by presenting a $25,000 check to JVSLA.

Balancing your cash drawer is the most critical function of being a bank teller. Balancing can seem intimidating and difficult, however if you follow these steps and work them into your everyday routine, your balancing should improve.

How to properly count cash:

1. When receiving cash from a customer, always:

  • Ask the customer how much cash he/she is presenting to you.
  • Organize all cash from largest denomination to smallest denomination first.
  • Count the cash twice in front of the customer, once face up and once face down.
  • Count the cash a third time, quietly to yourself, as you place the cash into your drawer.
  • For extra protection, you can write down how many notes of each denomination the customer gave you.

2. When disbursing to a customer, always:

  • First, count the cash as you pull it from your drawer quietly to yourself. You should always pull the cash out from largest denomination to smallest.
  • Count the cash a second time quietly at your counter.
  • Count the cash a third time, out loud, to your customer. As you count the cash to your customer, fan the notes so that the customer can see each note you present to them.

Always count your cash THREE TIMES when you receive it and when you give it out. Remember to slow down and count carefully. If you make this a part of your routine, your balancing should improve.

Dear Ketlyn: I have been working at a bank for almost a month now, and really want to make friends. However, it feels like the group of employees in the break room are always talking about some of the other tellers and bankers. It makes me uncomfortable when they try to involve me in their gossip. Recently it became worse when a fairly new banker received a promotion. They tried to include me in the gossip, and I became so frazzled I ran out of the break room. Please help. 

–Confused Banker  

Dear Banker: I call this Ally Shopping! It sounds like these particular bankers that you mention are shopping for another Ally on their corner to reinforce their feelings. I strongly suggest that you stay out of it even if you have to tell them, “I do not feel comfortable engaging in this type of conversation, however I would love to talk to you about the latest book I am reading.” Changing the subject and not letting it effect your interactions is the best reaction.

Alumni, ask Ketlyn your on-the-job questions and she will respond in future newsletters. 

The deadline to apply for the next JVSLA BankWork$ training session is May 12th and we need your help in finding great candidates! We are offering a $50 reward for any candidate you refer who GRADUATES from the program. For a prescreening interview, have your referral contact Lisa Meadows, BankWork$ Associate Director, (310) 273-6633 x5420 and remind them to list your name as the referral source on the application form. Classes will be offered at the Bundy Campus of our newest partner, Santa Monica College and at the PUENTE Learning Center.

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