Words of Praise from EDD

Wednesday, November 7 -- We had an enormous turnout on Halloween to say goodbye to Angie Cooper our outgoing Director of Workforce Development, who left JVS after 19 years of service. The retirement committee of Pat Dial, Marguerite Womack, Josefina Santiago, Vivian Seigel, Claudia Finkel, Dinah White, Katherine Moore, Olwen Brown, John Sanchez, Susanne Bierman, John Corbett and Kelly Sanchez threw Angie an enormous party at the JVS WorkSource Center in the Marina del Rey. Friends and co-workers from throughout the agency came to wish Angie farewell.

Those friends included a contingent from the state of California Employment Development Department (EDD), whose various Workforce Services Divisions have been long-time JVS partners. In attendance were Deputy Division Chief Carolyn Anderson of the L.A.-Ventura Workforce Services Division, Davi Dancy, Manager of Crenshaw Workforce Services and Michael Dolphin, Division Chief of Los Angeles-Ventura Workforce Services Division.

Dolphin presented a commendation to Angie and had laudatory words for JVS as a whole:

"JVS is probably one of... no, not probably, it is

one of the teams that I admire most around Los Angeles for the work they’re doing across the state," said Dolphin. "What you do, what all of you do, is important, not just because we say so, not just because your leaders say so. It’s important to the leaders of California."

"Not only should you congratulate Angie for what she’s done, and for what JVS brings to the table, you should congratulate yourself for being part of that movement as well."