Rehab Therapy Services Set to Cap at $1,900 on January 1....


...unless Congress takes action to extend exceptions. Remember how a few weeks back JVS Works encouraged you to get in Congress' face about extending unemployment? Well, don't shut down that activist spirit just yet.

The United Spinal Association is leading the charge, via an action alert, encouraging people to urge Congress and the Senate not to set the $1,900 limit:

"The cap places arbitrary limits on access to medically necessary rehabilitation services for Medicare beneficiaries. For 2012 the level of the therapy cap is $1,880 for occupational therapy and a separate cap of $1,880 for physical therapy and speech-language-pathology services combined. Although an exceptions process is in place for 2012 the caps will return on January 1, 2013 unless Congress takes action.

Take action to help protect beneficiary access to critical and medically necessary therapy services."

This topic seems to come up periodically toward the end of the year. Read also SWAN Rehabilitation's blog explaining the cap and encouraging its readers to contact their Arizona elected officials to forego the cap.

You can read more here.