Uncovering - and Winning - the Hidden Job

This one will hit home for job seekers. Right in the gut for many of us.

That great job that one of your LinkedIn-mates landed...the job that should have and darned well would have been yours if you had only known it existed...

That job that was probably never advertised, but was actually built around some internal candidate.

In the article "How to get a Hidden Job" written by Suzanne Lucas for CBS MoneyWatch, Executive Job Coach Debra Feldman (AKA the JobWhiz) walks readers through the ins and outs of finding, cultivating and getting that dream job (and thereby leaving YOUR LinkedIn contacts to gnash their molars). The basic message:  cultivate your connections and present yourself so that the dream job can become the hidden job that will now materialize for you.

"If you are making contacts at the office, at conventions, with vendors and with suppliers," Lucas writes, "your name will come up when managers are still in the 'thinking about making some changes' stage of the recruitment process.

Networking and building relationships may seem like fairly obvious job-seeking advice, but this is a compelling and well laid out case with some good eye-opening information.

Even better, the person who brought the article to my attention said he received comparable advice from JVS Career Counselor Stephen Payne.

Clearly great job-seeking minds think alike.