An Everyday Hero of JVS' Scholarship Program


Tuesday, December 18 -

OK, we have tons of "everyday heroes," donors who help students realize their educational dreams as part of the JVS Scholarship Program. We appreciate and thank them all more than any words here in JVS Works can express.

Today one donor is unsung no more. Chic Wolk is featured in a series of profiles of Unsung Heroes of 2012 published by the Los Angeles Daily News.

Mr. Wolk, who is a philanthropist and a very modest man, has been donating to the JVS Scholarship Program since 2006. Initially he supported one student per year until the 2012-13 yeah when he quadrupled his donation, paving the way for financial scholarships for seven students in need.

He also founded the Survivor Mitzvah Project which sends money and aid to elderly Jews in rural parts of eastern Europe.

Of the JVS Scholarship program, Wolk told the Daily News' Bob Strauss: I visualize somebody who's completed three years of college, bright young person, and their mother or father lost their job and there's no money for tuition anymore. Their potential is going to be lost to themselves, and if they could continue their education they could probably contribute more to society."

Read the rest of the article here. And if you ever find yourself at Izzy's Deli in Santa Monica, you can order Chic Wolk's Hot Oatmeal in honor of a deserving hero who is unsung no longer.