Christmas Comes Early to JVS Clients


Thursday, December 20 - Luerenzia D. received an early dose of holiday cheer when she was informed of her acceptance into JVS' HealthWorks. She'll start her training in the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training program beginning in January. CNA training is a first step for clients interested in a career in the health care field. Once she goes through HealthWorks expects to keep scaling the ladder.

"Since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a doctor," said Luerenzia . "I just knew I had to do something to help people. I’m not going to give up the dream of being a doctor, but I think more of being a nurse. Hopefully that will give me a flexible schedule so I can still spend time with my son Jayon and be able to give him the things he needs."

Also welcome were gift cards to Target and Ralph's which Luerenzia received when she came to the JVS headquarters this week. Several of our agency's clients including military veterans, youth and  participants in training programs such as HealthWorks and BankWork$ were given gift cards to help make the holiday a little bit brighter. More than $2,500 in gift cards will be distributed to over 30 JVS clients.

Luerenzia lives on tight budget which, this year, almost meant that 11- year-old Jayon would not get Christmas. In addition to being unemployed, many of the targeted JVS clients are facing medical issues, homelessness and/or extreme poverty.

The road ahead will still be challenging, but Luerenzia has a path toward that first step. In addition to being able to buy some gifts, she will be able to cook an ambitious meal for 12 people in her family.

"I think it's wonderful what JVS does for people," she says. "It gives them a foundation to build a career on. They’re very supporting."