Hire a Vet - Paying it Forward

Friday, December 28 - It took Edward Chinchilla all of one month at his new job for the former U.S. Army Sergeant to find a way to bring another veteran on staff at Adams Communication and Engineering Technology. (ACET) Chinchilla, readers of JVSWorks may remember, is a client of JVS’ Veterans First and an honoree during the recent Thanksgiving Brunch Honoring Veterans. He joined ACET’s human resources department in November after being unemployed for more than a year.

Chinchilla likes the new position and has been in regular contact with Veterans First Coordinator Jessica Cheng who – he says – will get “first dibs” on any openings. The company was founded by a veteran and looks to hire vets whenever it has vacancies with a goal of getting its workforce up to at least 35% composed of former veterans. Chinchilla also is establishing professional connections with veterans organizations in New York, Alabama and Texas.

“So Edward is paying it forward,” says Cheng. “He’s letting me know when they have job openings and interviewing our people. They just hired Marvin and they’re interviewing another one of our clients next week.”

Marvin is Marvin Hayes, a former member of the United States Marine Corps with a background in information technology (IT). He will join ACET as a help desk IT technician. Although they both came through JVS Veterans First, Chinchilla doesn’t know Hays personally, but he does have a sense of the job prospects that a returning veteran will face.

“I know the struggles I faced when I was jobless,” says Chinchilla. “Even though I don’t know him personally, we have that same job. I don’t want other veterans to be struggling.”