Unemployment Renewed for 2013

Amidst the celebration and hand-wringing of the 11th hour year-end tax compromise avoiding the Fiscal Cliff came some news that should be welcome to some 400,000 unemployed Californians. 2012 ran out. Their unemployment insurance didn’t.

Benefits will continue through December of 2013 with no reductions. There are no extensions either, but those who are unemployed can continue to file for UI at any one of four tiers and receive benefits for up to 73 weeks total.

Federal extensions began in California in 2008 and Californians have received more than $40 billion in unemployment insurance over the past four years.

The reasons why this extension is a good thing are, let’s face it, rather obvious. This is true whether you work for a nonprofit like JVS that deals with the long-term unemployed or whether you know someone who is out of work.

Way back in November, JVS Works encouraged readers to get behind the campaign by unemployedworkers.com to lobby Congress for an extension.

For now, at least, that particular bullet has been dodged. Now we’ll step out of the way and let you learn more from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) which has an ever-evolving web page on this ever-evolving subject.