Happily off the List

Nick Gonzalez, one of our client services representatives, shared a string of e-mail communications between himself and a former client – we’ll call her Kerry - who recently confirmed that, yes, she no longer needed to be informed of new job opportunities. Her reason was a good one: Kerry is newly and happily employed as a receptionist.

Nick, who is one of the friendliest and most helpful staff members any job seeker at JVS WorkSource Center in Marina del Rey could could hope to  meet, sent along the correspondence because he found the outcome to Kerry’s journey uplifting and positive.

JVSWorks agrees. The e-mail also shows the value of perseverance, overcoming fear and taking initiative.

Read on and consider whether any of the feelings expressed below apply to your own job search, or another comparable challenge:

“I cried a bunch, was scared of the unknown, never knowing if I would find happiness again and as much as I tried, lost hope but I did not give up,” Kerry writes. “I was assertive (enough) to leave my name on the answering machine of the company listed by asking for HR.  I never thought I would get a call and weeks later I did.  I did not rely on anything and every day just pushed forward with new jobs and companies to cold call.  I went to every job fair I could.”

Of course, Nick gets it. He replies: “Although it took time and … moments of uncertainty along with the emotions that come with it, you kept on with the mission and did the right thing by calling and leaving a message.…Quite a few job seekers battle with the ‘should I make a phone call or not.’”  

“Thank GOD for the phone call,” he continues. “Adversity is strength  would you say?”

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

A last word from Kerry to Nick: “I have a spring in my voice again.  I could not have got through these tough years with (sic) all of you.”

And from Nick to Kerry: “I’d like to add that your e-mail says to me that I’m doing right by the clients.”

Amen all around. And to those still searching...hang in there.