A Gold Star to Silverado


The geographical distance between JVS’ offices at 6505 Beverly Boulevard and Silverado Senior Living – Beverly Place on Hayworth Avenue is short – less than two miles. And thanks to a burgeoning partnership between JVS and the assisted living facility catering to patients suffering from dementia, the two organizations are getting even closer.


Representatives of Silverado have become regular attendees at graduations of JVS’ HealthWorks™ programs. And for good reason. Having completed their training to become Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs), the newly minted HealthWorks™ grads are ready to take their first step into a career in health care. With increasing frequency, those first steps are through the doors of Silverado which is often in near of skilled and compassionate new staff for their three divisions: at home care, senior living and hospice care.

“We’re always looking for good caregivers,” says Linda Muggli, Family Ambassador for Silverado. “That’s why I introduced HealthWorks™ to our administrator, to our director of health services and to our supervisor of nurses. You have an instant employment pool.”

Muggli attended a recent HealthWorks™ graduation at which she also served as the keynote speaker, telling the eight graduates that being a CNA will be “the hardest job you’ll ever love. I hope you realize how much of a difference you’re going to make in people’s lives.”  Muggli has given HealthWorks™ program Manager Angelica Generoso and her students tours of the Silverado facilities and provided space for HealthWorks™ to hold job club meetings.  Muggli has even signed on as a mentor during the current cohort of JVS professional mentoring program WoMentoring.™

Just as importantly, Silverado has hired two HealthWorks™ graduates, with more likely to come. At the April 10 graduation, Muggli sat at a table as all eight graduates came by for an unofficial “interview” and said she saw at least four possible candidates that she would recommend for employment.

“There’s a certain magic that I can see in some of the current caregivers and some of the graduates’ eyes who I think would really be a perfect fit for our company,” she said. “I think people like Steve Jobs or any visionary who is passionate for what they do - like a nurse - you can see it in their eyes.”

“So I encourage them to look online and fill out an application or fill it out here and I’ll pass it on to management with a little star on it and a note.”

Generoso and Muggli have since become friends to the point that Generoso was able to persuade the Silverado Family Ambassador to take the microphone at the graduation, something Muggli doesn’t often relish doing.

“I told Angelica I’m afraid to do it, I don’t like public speaking, but she said, ‘oh please. You can do it. You’re among friends,’” recalls Muggli. “These graduates are so bright and hopeful and they’re our future. I can’t be afraid of that.”