Check Marks the Spot – JVS’ PWLA

May 6, 2013 - There may be larger and more comprehensive job listing websites. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably visited or been solicited by them:  “WE’VE SAVED YOUR SEARCH FROM TWO YEARS AGO. COME BACK TO US AND CHECK OUT THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY IN TOLEDO, OHIO.” That’s about as much human contact as some of those bigger “bottomless pit” job sites will provide.

But for the personal touch, check marks the spot. We’re talking about the ginormous checkmark in the upper left hand corner that serves as the symbol for ParnossahWorks Los Angeles™ (PWLA), JVS’ job listings and job search website.

The site correctly calls itself a “gateway for job seekers and employers,” which is spot on. We hope PWLA – part of a network of JVS employment websites - routinely functions as a gateway to employment (for job seekers) and to outstanding new hires (for employees).

Kevin McDermott, a PWLA specialist for the past three years calls it a “boutique website.”

“We don’t have hundreds of jobs listed on the site,” says McDermott. “It was never meant to be CareerBuilder, but with CareerBuilder, nobody will ever call you or send you e-mails. You’ll get more individualized personal attention with PWLA.”

For the job seekers, the site is also a gateway to something quite valuable: the JVS WorkSource Center network which includes career counseling and our Business Services Division.

When a person registers with PWLA – free of charge, of course – he gets a personally generated e-mail reply inviting him to come to one of the WorkSource Centers and take advantage of all the available resources: job clubs, resume workshops, LinkedIn workshops, the list goes on.

According to WorkSource Center staff, the idea is to get people out of their house and into a place where like-minded people – who are also unemployed – can share experiences, tips and ideas. Let’s face it: job hunting can be a lonely endeavor. One can spend hours scrolling through listings across dozens of sites and, indeed, that’s how so many people conduct their job search. Because it can become frustrating and depressing, one of the services we offer is hope.

PWLA urges visitors to take that next step by registering not only on the site but also at a JVS WorkSource Center.  At the center, you will sign up for an orientation and take two one-hour classes – which are also free - such as resume writing and interview skills. Your next steps may include taking additional free classes, visiting a job club, listening to a motivational speaker or meeting with a staff member who might have a job lead.

If an opportunity presents itself that we feel you are qualified for, Business Services will submit your resume directly to an employer, possibly even placing a phone call on your behalf. Business Services advocates for our job seekers, making the process more personal and giving the job seeker the all-important “in.”  The employers who use the site are typically satisfied partners since they can count on JVS vetting candidates before forwarding resumes.

The listings themselves are updated several times weekly and often have positions that you won’t find on other sites. Entry level positions to six figure jobs and everything in-between…it’s all there, submitted directly by the employer and unedited.

And for good measure, the site also contains job seeking tips, cover letter and resume samples, and networking strategies. Visit and return often.

Check (mark) it out here!