A One-Stop by Any Other Name...


…was  a WorkSource Center and is now America’s Job Center… Or some combination: “America’s Job Center Operated by JVS,” perhaps.

Confusing, no? To us, too, but we’ll get there eventually.

By federal mandate, all WorkSource Centers (alternatively known as One-Stop Career Centers) are now being re-branded as America’s Job Centers. Whatever state the center happens to occupy, that state gets in the title. So the Marina del Rey and West Hollywood locations formerly known as JVS WorkSource Centers now become an America’s Job Center of California SM or AJCC, with a sparkling new red, white and blue logo to match.

Whatever the federal government chooses to call them – and co-branding is encouraged - the centers are a product of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), enacted to create places that help residents find training, employment services and help employers in finding skilled workers.

Here are the stated goals of the America’s Job Centers:

  • Meet the workforce needs of high demand sectors of the state and regional economies, by providing quality training, employment services and business resources to California’s workforce system with integrity, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Ensure the services and resources throughout the network meet the needs of an evolving economic climate.
  • Strengthen awareness of network services and resources to California’s workforce by supporting system alignment and continuous improvement efforts.

The centers are a partnership between the Employment Development Department (EDD), the California Workforce Investment Board (WIB), and 49 Workforce Investment Boards that administer the more than 200 America’s Job Centers of California, which include the two operated by JVS.

Prior to now, the operators of these more than 200 centers had as many as 20 different types of names, according to California Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Brand Manager Jessica Dailey.

Because the names varied so widely (both from city to city and from state to state) administrators felt that clients were not taking as full advantage of the available services.

The solution was the creation of America’s Job Center as a unifying brand.

“Our hope is to give a unifying face to the one-stops so that they become more of a unified resource and recognizable brand,” says Dailey. “Everyone kind of had their own branding going on and their own type of publicity. We felt that by giving the whole system a consistent brand it would create an environment where people could know that if they go to Sacramento or Los Angeles, they would get the same services.”

So in what way, you may ask, does this affect the JVS clients who have made a practice of visiting a WorkSource Center as part of their job search?

It doesn’t. Building locations don’t change; just the name.  The services – and hopefully the helpful and sensitive people providing them – stay in place.

As names adjust, we’ll keep you posted.

Read more at the America’s Job Center portal and find a Job Center near you here.