Gridlock is the Opposite of Progress

Whatever your politics or opinion of the Affordable Care Act, we can perhaps all agree on one basic principal: Gridlock is the opposite of progress.

As the impact of the government shutdown ripples across the country,  JVS is fortunate that, for the moment at least, our client services and WorkSource Centers are continuing to operate at full strength.

For now. Should this federal stalemate drag on, there is no telling what might happen. We are one of the countless nonprofits leveraging crucial federal, state and local public funding to support our critical work. The people JVS serves include the long-term unemployed, veterans, foster youth, homeless individuals and those with disabilities, many of whom already feel they are invisible and voiceless in the national debate.

It is on their behalf that we urge Congress to do their jobs – and enable rather than prevent the country from getting back to work. Our clients were already facing overwhelming obstacles. The last thing they need is another delay and a further roadblock.

The day before the shutdown, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (LAACC) – of which JVS is a member – joined the United States Chamber of Commerce and more than 250 business organizations from across the nation in signing a letter to Congress. The letter urges Congress to raise the debt ceiling and avoid the shutdown that has since come to pass.

You can read the letter and LACC President Gary Toebben’s thoughtful Business Perspective here.