E-mails from All-Star HealthWorks™ Class of May 2013

At JVS, we love and root for all of our training program graduates. We delight in hearing of their progress and are first in line with a “Don’t give up. You can do it,” when they encounter challenges or setbacks. BankWork$™ or HealthWorks™, WoMentoring™, Veterans First, JVS Youth Program, JVS Scholarship Program students…when you join the JVS family, you become of the JVS Family now and forever. Back in May of 2013 – has it really been almost a year! – we sent the six graduates of our Canoga Park HealthWorks™ class out into the world with their CNA certifications, their can-do attitudes and their multitude of skills.

Not surprisingly, they seem to be doing great. We don’t always hear from our program graduates, but a couple of recent e-mails sent to HealthWorks™ Prorgam Manager Angelica Generoso have confirmed what we already knew - that this class had some winners.

The first e-mail came from Washington DC where graduate Robertina Mbedzi reported that she was settled in as an assistant at the Health Unit of the South African Embassy.

Robertina had this job in place even as she graduated HealthWorks.™ She has some ambitious goals, namely to earn MBA and start her own business.

“During the interview process I definitely made an impression because of my experience and interest in … health care,” writes Robertina.  “I will forever be grateful to JVS for the opportunity. I made lifetime friends who continue to bless me. After my CNA (training), I knew I would never be unemployed. I turned down jobs and passed on so many.”

Team HealthWorks™ had barely overcome the warm and fuzzy feelings engendered by Robertina’s note when they heard from another May 2013 graduate.

This e-mail came from Jaleesa Simss who had taken a position at the Jewish Home for the Aging shortly after completing her HealthWorks™ training. Not surprisingly, this was a first step for Jaleesa who continues to work at the JHA while studying for her LVN license at the Annenberg School for Nursing.

“I no longer have a social life and my complete focus is on school,” writes Jaleesa who will graduate in February 2015. “Everyday I'm learning something new and constantly pushing myself to stay focused. It's definitely not easy but it ALL will be worth it. Just wanted to update you and say thank you for everything you and JVS (have) done for me. I cannot say that enough!”

Big congrats and good wishes to Robertina, Jaleesa and all our wonderful graduates. You make us shine!