Stories Worthy of a Standing Ovation


It happens every year, and it is never less than wonderful. Attendees of JVS' annual Strictly Business L.A.

watch an agency-produced video telling the story of our JVS Inspiration Award honorees. Once the video is concluded, the individuals take the stage to receive their awards, and the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel goes nuts.

It happened again earlier this month at the 17th Annual JVS Strictly Business L.A. Luncheon and Gala. Following the screening of “JVS: Rekindling the Dream,” Jim Harmer, Felicia Cates and Edward Webster – the subjects of the video - took the stage to a standing ovation.

They’ve earned that ovation, and more. Harmer and Cates completed JVS training programs and turned their lives around. Webster, a former veteran, worked with JVS Veterans First and ended up with  a wonderful new job.

We could tell you more about the lives our honorees  led and the obstacles they overcame en route to that stage and that ovation. But given the quality of the work put in by JVS VP Communications Katherine Moore and director JB Lechtinger of JBL Films, we encourage you to check out “JVS Rekindling Dreams” and hear the stories for yourself.

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