On to San Francisco Following a (Hopefully) Brief Power Outage

Hey Dodgers! Where’s the power! One minute the team is sailing along, bashing round-trippers left, right and center, and then something happens and, for the next two days, nobody leaves the yard.

The last home run hit by a Dodger in the month of May was Friday when Jimmy (J-Roll) Rollins slammed a solo shot to back Clayton Kershaw’s 100th career win, an eventual 6-4 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

That makes 22 home runs for May, meaning $22,000 for JVS as part of the Daniel’s Jewelers Trip Around the Diamond feature. It’s been a sweet month so far, before the weekend power outage.

For the next two games, there was not a homer to be slugged at Dodger Stadium, at least none hit by the Boys in Blue. This development proved a little bit inconvenient since we asked our loyal Facebook followers to predict how many four-baggers (that’s home runs) would be hit in Sunday’s series finale against Colorado.

The guesses ranged from 1 to 5. Nobody – and we Blue boosters thank you for your optimism - guessed 0. But that’s how many were hit even though the Dodgers prevailed in a tight 1-0 victory.

So off we go to the City by the Bay. The Dodgers/JVS Surprise Pack  giveaway mini challenge now carries over to Tuesday’s game against our hated rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

So whoever entered a guess for Sunday’s Rockies game…your prediction still stands for the matchup against the Giants. If anyone new wants to get in on the action and predict a number, please do so at our Facebook page.

And here are some stats to chew on...

The team will be taking aim at veteran right hander Tim Hudson who has a record of 1-3 and an earned run average of 4.57. He has given up 8 home runs in 45 innings so far in 2015. This will be Hudson’s first start this year against the Dodgers.

A few of our bashers have seen Hudson before. First baseman Adrian Gonzalez has two career home runs against Hudson. Yasmani Grandal has 1, the aforementioned Jimmy Rollins has 3. Yasiel Puig has 2, but Puig is injured and won’t be playing Tuesday.

Give us your predictions everyone, and go Dodgers!

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