Finishing May Trips Around the Diamond in St. Louis

All good things must end, and the Dodgers' May bombs will conclude during a three game weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis. Yes, he same $#@!! Cardinals who have knocked the Boys in Blue out of the playoffs the past two seasons. It has been hugely entertaining being on home run watch and knowing that each Dodger blast means another $1,000 for a nonprofit agency - JVS L.A. - that helps so many different people in so many ways. Thanks to the generosity of Daniel's Jewelers and the Howard and Stephanie Sherwood Foundation, JVS has been the May beneficiary of the Daniel's Jewelers Trip Around the Diamond feature.

As these posts have regaled, the Dodger hitters have certainly done their part. After swatting 32 home runs in 21 games in April, they came back to blast 30 so far in May. It would be, well, smashing if the team could slug a few more in the final three games and eclipse the April total, but 30 certainly is not shabby.

We have encouraged our digital followers to get in on the action, offering a Dodgers/JVS surprise pack to the individual who correctly guesses the total number of home runs hit in May. You have until midnight tonight (Thursday) PDT to enter your guess at (And for all those of you who appear to be randomly entering guesses like 29 or 22, c'mon folks, pay attention! We're at 30. You've already lost!)

Eclipsing the 32 April threshold will not be easy. As effortless as people like Adrian Gonzalez and Joc Pederson sometimes make it seem, hitting home runs is no cakewalk. You need power. You need the right pitch thrown by the right pitcher under the right circumstances. You may need luck. For all their April and May power, the Dodgers hit one home run in a seven-game span from May 14 to 21 including five consecutive homer-less games.

These things can get weird. JVSWorks predicted a veritable slew of bombs for a three game series played at hitter-friendly Coors Field May 8-10. Did we get them? We did not. One measly home run in two games, plus a rain out.

The team will face a trio of sincerely tough customers in Friday starter John Lackey (who has given up 3 home runs to date), Michael Wacha (4) and Carlos Martinez

(7). The Cardinals as a team have given up 32 home runs, 3rd fewest in the National League. Then again, they'll be going up against a lineup that has hit 62 home runs, tops in the league.

Barring something hugely unforeseen, the team's May home run champ will end up being the aforementioned Pederson who has ripped 8. Justin Turner and Alex Guerrero have each clubbed 4.

We'll wrap things up once the calendar turns to June. Until then, Go Blue!