What an Outstanding Trip (Around the Diamond) This Has Been!

All good things must come to an end, including May 2015. Our hometown Los Angeles Dodgers finished the month with 32 home runs, equaling the team's total for April and still good enough to lead the National League. Each of those 32 May home runs meant $1,000 for JVS thanks to the generosity of the Daniel's Jewelers Trip Around the Diamond feature and the Howard and Stephanie Sherwood Foundation.The total contribution will be $32,000

We had grand slams and game winners, games with multiple home runs and the thunderous arrival of rookie center fielder Joc Pederson who easily led the team with 9 home runs in May.

Here's the final tally by player. Thanks once again Dodgers, Daniel's Jewelers and Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood for your parts in making May a magical month!

1. Joc Pederson: 9 home runs

2. Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal, Alex Guerrero: 4 home runs each

3. Andre Ethier and Jimmy Rollins: 3 home runs each

4. Adrian Gonzalez: 2 home runs

5. Scott Van Slyke, Howie Kendrick, Enrique Hernandez: 1 home run each.

Total: 32 home runs