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Our Mission

In 2019 alone, 50,000 people in Southern California turned to JVS SoCal for help in facing a career crisis or transition. In 2020 and 2021, those numbers have skyrocketed. The pandemic and the collapse of our economy it precipitated has created devastating hardship for millions of people in Southern California. As a result, the demand for JVS SoCal’s services is surging dramatically, a phenomenon that will continue in the months and years ahead as the pandemic continues to reshape our economy, our society and our world.


percent was the raise of unemployment in California

percent of our clients have been able to receive unemployment benefits

percent of our clients report having food and housing insecurity



placement rate

Average Yearly Wage


of clients are Black, indigenous, or people of color

Meet Luis

Luis was a father looking for way to increase his skills so he could improve the life of his family. He found a promising new direction through the ApartmentWorks program and today he has a career with a future.

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