About Us

Emerging Leaders is a group of next generation leaders who support JVS SoCal’s mission through volunteering, fundraising and events.

For more information on the Emerging Leaders group and how you can get involved, please contact Lindsay Thomas, Associate Director of Philanthropy,


Founding Members

Adam Abramowitz, Vice Chair
Jaclyn Ambar
Ross Erlich, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Gil Hurwitz
Jacqui Jacobs, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
Remmie Maden, Chair
Neda Nikayin
Xander Oltmann
Kevin Parker, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Matthew Paul
Stephanie Smith, Treasurer
Aaron Suzar, Project Committee Co-Chair
Antoinette Tabibi
Brandon Tarnow
Danielle Umansky, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
Jerry Walker, Project Committee Co-Chair