Why did we undergo a name change?

Every 3 to 5 years, we participate in an intensive strategic planning process to help shape an increasingly successful and sustainable future for our organization. As a part of that process, we reviewed our agency mission, vision and values and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of our agency name.  As a result, we updated our mission, vision and values and came up with a new name that more accurately defines our ongoing focus and takes us into a more diverse and exciting future full of new mission-based opportunities.


What does JVS SoCal stand for?

Our new name represents our geographic expansion and our ongoing commitment to:

Empowering those in need of Jobs,

Facilitating a Vision for a prosperous future

and ultimately, achieving Success through economic independence and sustainable employment.

Jobs + Vision = Success


Are you continuing to provide services to the Jewish community?

Yes. Our commitment to serving the needs of the Jewish community is unchanged. Although we have always been a non-sectarian agency, we will continue to operate the JVS Scholarship Program which assists Jewish college students in financial need, our Career Focus Program, and our career counseling and job search support the EZRA Network. Though federal policy is still evolving, along with our partners at the Jewish Federation, we will remain committed to provide critical services to refugees resettling in the United States. We are proud to provide tremendous value to those in need within the Jewish community and the services and programs we offer represent an important link to our heritage and founding values.


Will the name change affect programs and services?

No. There will be no changes in the operation of any of our programs or services.