Made possible through generous funding from foundations, private donors and Big Voice Video, JVS is pleased to introduce you to talented job seekers from our JVS Veterans First program. Each video introduction features a link to the client’s resume. To learn more about the JVS Veterans First Program, and how to hire these brave servicemen and women, please contact (310) 309-6000 and ask for the Veterans First program.

Andre Andrews
Expertise: Event Planning
Natalie Carole
Expertise: Project Management

Kristofer Cole
Expertise: Information Technology and App Developer
Mark Dias
Expertise: Information Technology

Juan Faura
Expertise: Film and Television
Joe Flores
Expertise: Marketing

Melvin Girton
Expertise: Insurance Claim Adjuster
Crosby Hanna Jr.
Expertise: Information Technology

Johnny Jay Harris
Expertise: Sport and Fitness for Veterans
Jared Henderson
Expertise: Software Developer

Rarou Kong
Expertise: Video Game Design
John Kwon
Expertise: Social Service and Case Management

Lucille McElroy
Expertise: Accounting and
Financial Systems
Perla Munoz
Expertise: Administrative Support and Data Management

Elton L. Rodgers
Expertise: Information Technology
Tobi Tolentino
Expertise: Accounting

Omar Vargas
Expertise: Operations and Logistics
Carlos Macedonio-Zavala
Expertise: Information Technology

Michael Banfield
Expertise: Information Technology
Marco Baltero
Expertise: Administration

Karen Brown
Expertise: Grant Writer
Rickey Brown
Expertise: Information Technology

Nathan Cannon
Expertise: Problem Solving
Charles Chambers
Expertise: Medical

Chris Clutter
Expertise: Sales
Erika Crenshaw
Expertise: Education

Samuel Anthony Diaz
Expertise: Information Technology
Orlando Epting
Expertise: Customer Support

Jonathan Flores
Expertise: Production
John S. Gipson
Expertise: Information Technology

Mark Golay
Expertise: Engineering
Delores A. Wills Guyton
Expertise: Executive Assistant

Andrew G. Guzman
Expertise: Distribution Manager
Bobby Harakat
Expertise: Management

Tim Hinds
Expertise: Digital Transformation
Perry Jeranek
Expertise: Business Manager

Joseph Jin
Expertise: Computer Programming
David Kang
Expertise: Marketing

LaKeisha S. McGee
Expertise: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
James Nelms
Expertise: Labor

Nathaniel Owens
Expertise: Human Resource Manager
Jorge Polzin
Expertise: Finance

Juan Quezada
Expertise: Engineering
Gregory Ray
Expertise: Business Administrator

Manuel Rendon
Expertise: Health Care Administrator
Otis Sampson
Expertise: Programming

Victor Solis
Expertise: Telecommunications
Bobby Spears
Expertise: Technical Service Representative

Alex Tapanya
Expertise: Information Technology
Greg Vaughan
Expertise: Education

Gabriel Valenzuela
Expertise: Aviation
Rodney Watson
Expertise: Education

Kenneth White
Expertise: Paralegal
Tammy Wilson
Expertise: Biochemistry

Simon Yang
Expertise: Security