Angelica Generoso is New JVS HealthWorks Manager

8-13-2012 –Angelica Generoso will head up the HealthWorks[TM] program, one of JVS' signature training initiatives, which starts individuals on a career path in the health care industry. The 12-week program prepares individuals to take the State Certification Examination to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), the first step on a health care career ladder. To date, the program has seen 100% of its students pass the State Certification exam, with 81% of graduates finding jobs within the first six months.

“Angelica has extensive experience working with seniors and their families as well as in managing and operating programs,” says JVS COO Claudia Finkel. “She understands the challenges of aging adults in our community.”

Generoso brings more than 22 years of experience in nonprofit management at Jewish Family Service (JFS) of Los Angeles. At JFS, she served as the director of numerous programs serving low-income or disadvantaged individuals, families and communities. 

“You hear all the time that health care industry is the only field that is growing at a fast rate right now. I envision myself being in the midst of it,” says Generoso. “The fact that we give disadvantaged people an opportunity able to be in training at no cost is an incredible opportunity. On top of that, you get to go to a review session prior to the board exam, and review sessions are often as expensive, if not more so, than the actual training. And placement, how many programs even do that? That’s a major impact.”

"Community service is a big part of my life," she adds. "It's very important for me to see that what I do makes a difference." 

For eight years, Generoso directed JFS' Home Secure/Beverly Hills Handyworker program which provides home safety modifications for older adults and individuals with disabilities. From 1998 to 2003, she worked as a court-appointed probate and mental health conservator for individuals who were no longer able to care for themselves and who had no living relatives to take over their care. She also worked with the Immigration and Resettlement program, helping immigrants and refugees integrate and transition into life in America.

Generoso grew up in the Philippines, moving to the United States after high school. The daughter of an attorney father and a mother who worked at the Hollywood Farmers Market, Generoso said she learned the value both of hard work and of making a difference.

"My father was a public defender, and we lived in a small town in the Philippines. He would often take work pro bono, so payment would be things like chickens, pumpkins, food," recalls Generoso. "He did a significant amount of work and really helped people, but he was okay that he didn't get full compensation. It didn't have to be money."

"It just gave me the feeling that, 'Hey, this is significant.'"

Generoso earned a BA in political science at Loyola Marymount University and later earned a law degree at Loyola Law School. She is a member of the State Bar of California and since 2004, has practiced probate and immigration law.

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