JVS’ 16th Annual Strictly Business L.A. To Honor Agency Champions

Photo of Strictly Business L.A. Host Fritz Coleman

April 8, 2013 - JVS’ friends, supporters and inspirational clients will convene at The Beverly Hilton May 8 for the 16th Annual Strictly Business L.A. Luncheon.

With NBC weatherman and comedian Fritz Coleman serving as host, Strictly Business L.A. will give attendees plenty of time to mingle and network while also celebrating successful corporate and community partnerships within the city of Los Angeles. Strictly Business honors individuals and agencies who are leaders in business, job creation and philanthropy.

The 2013 honorees include The Boeing Company which will receive theCorporate Leadership Award, donors Roz and Jack Zukerman who will receive the Champion Award and Inspiration Award honorees Larry Dubey, Danielle L. Vaughn and Laurence Trebaol.

One might not immediately associate an organization famous for engineering and aviation with a training program that prepares people for a first-step entry into the health care industry. But in fact, the partnership between Boeing and JVS’ HealthWorks – which prepares individuals to be Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) - makes perfect sense.

“Boeing invests in programs like JVS’ HealthWorks that touch on a vital need in our society: effective job training,” said Kevin Ober, Community Investor for Health and Human Services for Boeing. “At Boeing we believe that the most effective way of meeting the needs of our communities is to address the root causes and we look for transitional job training programs that show a history of putting people back to work as that is the true measure of success. HealthWorks does just that.”

Boeing has supported HealthWorks for the past three years. But JVS is only one among many beneficiaries of the company’s generosity. Of the $179 million that the company gave to help improve lives worldwide in 2012, the largest share - $66 million - was given to charitable grants spanning the areas of health and human services, the arts, the environment, civics and education.

“It’s not just being proficient in engineering,” says Ober. “It’s looking at working within teams and being able to find creative ideas that drive education, improve the environment, foster creativity through the arts, and help people survive and thrive on their own. We encourage strong, vibrant communities throughout the country and the world.”

The Zukermans are both staunch believers in the value of philanthropy and mentoring.  Their association with JVS began three years ago when WoMentoring Leadership Network (WLN) co-founder and longtime supporter Debbie Powell introduced Roz to WoMentoring, a program that pairs women in crisis or facing personal or professional transition with accomplished mentors. Roz attended law school at age 47 after raising four children and now heads her own firm, specializing in family law. She took to WoMentoring immediately.

“The world of work is fascinating,” says Roz, who has since gone on to mentor four WoMentoring clients. “When I saw the agency video, I was floored by how many people JVS helps.”

“Kids coming out of college today don’t have the same kinds of opportunities that they had ten years ago,” adds Jack. “There are some really bright kids and they’re floundering in many respects. You try to teach them your values and your way of doing things.”

Jack is a renowned entrepreneur who sold his lighting manufacturing company in 2004 to a Fortune 500 company and continued to run it until it was sold recently to a Fortune 200 company. When the new owners announced their decision to close the local factory and move it to Denver - true to form - Jack launched a brand new company, to ensure that all of his friends and workers, who would have been out of work, will continue to be employed.

Jack, whose projects include the World Trade Center and Chicago’s John Hancock Building, has dedicated all proceeds from his biography, “Let There be Light” to the International Association of Lighting Designers Educational Trust.

And while the Zukermans don’t typically seek out the spotlight – except possibly within Jack’s industry – the reluctant JVS Champion Awardwinners agreed to be honored at Strictly Business L.A.

Says Roz, “It’s an excuse to raise money for an agency we believe is making a valuable contribution to the community and the economy.”

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April 8, 2013

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