JVS CEO Vivian Seigel Interviewed on HuffPost Live

3-4-2013-- JVS CEO Vivian Seigel and JVS' Veterans First client Alma Zavala were interviewed on HuffPost Live following the announcement that JVS had won the $150,000 grand prize in the 2013 JobRaising Challenge.

Watch the interview here:http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/arianna-huffington-announces-jobraising-winner/5130cbf602a76074560000c7

In a subsequent interview with Bloomberg News, Huffington Post Founder, Editor and CEO Arianna Huffington noted that JVS "has 30,000 clients (that the agency) helps them with the kinds of skills they need to get a job.

"We wanted to raise awareness around the cause to get people tweeting about them sharing pictures and we want this to continue not just in terms of other challenges but in terms of taking the work of these nonprofits and giving them more exposure," Huffington said.

Watch the full interview at:


March 5, 2013

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