JVS in the News - Programs and Services from Marina del Rey and Antelope Valley Featured in Local Publications

Two local news outlets have featured JVS programs, services and clients in recent publications.

In a story published in the August 14 edition of The Argonaut titled "Volunteering 101," reporter Allie Teaze interviews Warren Mullisen a 70-year-old volunteer who helps clients at the America's Job Center at the Marina del Rey prepare for job interviews.

"When someone comes back and says 'I got a job,' and in some way I was able to help them, it's a feel-good experience all the way around," Mullisen says.

The article also lists the Marina del Rey AJC's contact information for others interested in volunteering.

The Lancaster General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) program in Lancaster has been highlighted in the Antelope Valley Press for a partnership to a partnership with Seattle-based Icicle Seafoods which hired 75 local clients to work on fishing boats in Alaska over the summer for the salmon season.

"They have done such a great job. The vessel manager is so pleased," Icicle Seafoods Director of Recruitment Ann-Marie Todd tells thePress's Business Editor James Skeen. "They have taken pride in their jobs. They have brought an excitement to the boat... We want them back. We would like to continue that relationship."

Read the full articles in the links below.

"Volunteering 101" - The Argonaut

"Valley Residents Find Work in Alaska" - Antelope Valley Press

August 20, 2014