JVS Receives $465,000 Grant From State To Help Veterans

JVS’ Veterans First Program was founded to help veterans make the transition from the military to the civilian job market. The State of California has recognized the vital need for these services, which is why JVS was among 13 organizations to receive a total of nearly $6 million in new grants to assist 1,200 returning veterans.

Said Pam Harris, Chief Deputy Director of the Employment Development Department, “The men and women of our armed forces leave the safety of civilian life and go in harm’s way to keep all of us free. Now, as they come home, we have a chance to say ‘thank you.’”

JVS, which received $465,000 of the total grant , already works with veterans to find new career paths that utilize the skills they learned in the military, and will also put some of the funding towards expanding training programs in a variety of fields, including computer security, security, finance, healthcare and engineering.

Funding for these grants comes from the Governor’s Discretionary 15 percent Workforce Investment Act funds.