JVS' Veterans First Program Participates in the "ServiceNation: Mission Serve Hiring Our Heroes"

JVS' Veterans First Program participated in the "ServiceNation: Mission Serve Hiring Our Heroes" job fair Sunday June 10 in Culver City. Nearly 2,000 veterans and their families were in attendance.

It was also the last stop of Prince William and Kate's tour of Southern California. Said Prince William, "Mission Serve is about something more than just men and women in uniform. It is about our other halves. The half that makes the loved one's duty and sacrifices possible and worthwhile. It is about you: families, partners and friends."

JVS' Veterans First program helps returning veterans transition to the civilian workplace, and was recently awarded a $435,000 grant from the Governor's 15% discretionary funds. JVS was one of only 13 agencies in the state chosen by Governor Brown to assist thousands more veterans.