Alumni Relations

JVS Scholarship Committee Co-Chair, Jonathan Karp with Nan Kalish Goodman and their recipient Bryce Leafman.

Alumni Relations

JVS is, for many of us, the only way we could actually afford school. I was fortunate to have JVS step in to help reduce my medical school debt. Now in my own career, I find it incumbent upon me to give back and to guide others to help other needful people. JVS is true philanthropy; helping students afford to become professionals.
— Dr. Brian Gantwerker
I was a scholarship recipient in the early 1990s while attending college. At that time, I had a heavy schedule, up to 18 units per semester, plus research, studying for medical school admission test (MCAT) and working part time for supplemental income. The JVS Scholarship provided peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on my education. The JVS Scholarship had such a significant role in my education that I promised myself not only to pay it back, but to also contribute to the program for future recipients. Years later when I met my wife, I found out that she was also a JVS Scholarship recipient and she shared the same feelings about the program. Thus we are now both donors to the Scholarship Program. I would like to ask all past recipients to join us and become “sustaining donors” and support the JVS Scholarship Program.
— Dr Kevin Hayavi.

The JVS Scholarship Alumni Association was established in 2004 as a way to formalize the process of students giving back to the JVS Scholarship Fund after completing their post secondary education.

The Association's mission is to enhance the relationship between alumni, the JVS Scholarship Fund and its current students by implementing social, professional, academic and financial support programs and events.

If you are a former recipient of a JVS Scholarship, we would greatly appreciate you completing our online survey so that so that we can update our records and keep you informed of all that we have in store for you and our entire JVS Scholarship Program alumni.Please click here to take the survey.

For more information about the JVS Scholarship Alumni Legacy Society, contact, call (323) 761-8888, x8868.

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