Did you know there is no-cost government assistance to help both businesses and employees transition through a layoff?

We can also help you hire!
Reducing your HR expenses.

Contact us at gsmith@jvs-socal.org

How We Help:

We will provide your employees with valuable information to assist with the transition. This includes information about:

  • Accessing unemployment and other benefits.
  • Addressing insurance needs.
  • Guidance on effective job searches.
  • Additional resources and referrals to assist in the transition and job search.

Get Started!

1: Notify

Notify the Rapid Response team when you are laying off staff.

2: Schedule

Schedule an initial meeting with our team to receive an overview of available services and develop an action plan.

3: Relax

Let us take care of the rest! The Rapid Response team will set up group orientation for your displaced staff, providing them with unemployment and other benefit information, comprehensive resources, and referrals to assist in their job search.

Contact Us:

Contact us to learn more about how the Rapid Response program can assist your management team and support your business during a period of transition, contact our Business Services team.

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