Your Generosity
Can Change a Life

Nothing in Rechelle Harrison’s early life predicted that she would have a career in banking. She faced a series of obstacles that prevented her from being able to provide for herself and her daughter, Autumn.

When her daughter was still an infant, she found herself homeless, living in hotels and working a low-paying job while trying to take care of her baby.

And then she found the JVS BankWork$® program and everything changed.

When Rechelle discovered the BankWork$ program, she thought it was too good to be true. She applied for and enrolled in the program and found the experience life-changing. She was determined to put her struggles aside and come to class with a will to succeed.

She graduated from the BankWork$ program in July 2018 and began working as a full time teller at PacWest Bank, one of our employer-partners. Today she has her own apartment, a new vehicle and a brand new outlook on the future.

“Every morning when I wake up and see Autumn’s smiling face, I am grateful,” said Rechelle. “Grateful for my home, grateful for my happy child, grateful for my job and grateful for the promise that my career holds. The JVS BankWork$ program was my fresh start, my reset button. Now, my future is full of hope and possibility.”

Your contribution to JVS SoCal will empower individuals like Rechelle to achieve dignity and economic independence through sustainable employment.

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