Scholarship Alumni Association

Established in 2004, the goal of the Alumni Association is to enhance the relationship between alumni, the JVS Scholarship Program and its current recipients. This includes creating social and professional networking opportunities and events. If you are a past JVS Scholarship recipient and would like to join the Alumni Legacy Steering Committee to help plan future events, please contact our office.

Named Scholarship

Establishing a named scholarship is a meaningful way to remember a loved one, or to honor a relative, friend or associate. The minimum yearly donation for a Named Scholarship is $2,200. Donors are invited to the Annual JVS Scholarship Awards Reception, listed in the Awards Program and have an opportunity to meet their scholarship recipients. They also receive periodic updates from their students.

Alumni Giving Recognition Levels

To recognize the generous financial support of our alumni we  founded the JVS Alumni Legacy Society and have established the following Donor Recognition Giving Levels,  based on cumulative donations.

Trustee’s Club Donors $2,000 and above
Benefactor Donors $1,000 to $1,999
Fellow Donors $500 to $999
Mentor Donors up to $499

No matter the amount, your gift will have an immediate and meaningful impact and will, along with other gifts, help to fund JVS Scholarships for deserving students.

This year alumni donations funded  five scholarships for 2019-20 academic year. 

For more information about the JVS Scholarship Alumni Legacy Society, contact , or call (323) 306-4023.

Our Founding Co-Chairs

“JVS is, for many of us, the only way we could actually afford school. I was fortunate to have JVS step in to help reduce my medical school debt. Now in my own career, I find it incumbent upon me to give back and to guide others to help other needful people. JVS is true philanthropy; helping students afford to become professionals.”


“I was a scholarship recipient in the early 1990s while attending college. The JVS Scholarship provided peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on my education. Years later when I met my wife, I found out that she was also a JVS Scholarship recipient and she shared the same feelings about the program. We are now both donors.”



Patricia Sills
Scholarship Program Director
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Joyce Cele
Scholarship Program Coordinator
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